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Who am I?

If I'm the lucky celebrant who gets to hitch you, it's only only fair  that you get to know stuff about me when I'm finding out all about you!


I'm that kind of person who makes a new bestie on the train, at a park or in a change room and walk away knowing all about them, although have no idea what to say about me!


But if you ask me a bunch of questions I can answer them and I do love a good personality quiz. 


So I thought the best way of introducing myself and snippet of my life, is to create a...

Celebrant Life CV!


Shoshanna Katjusha Samantha Vernham (yep!)



Old enough to tell a good story 

- still young enough to be fabulous!


Port Hedland, WA 

(that's Iron Ore dust in my hair!)

Where I call home:

Gerringong, NSW 

where the mountains meet the sea 


BA ( I write real good like) 

and of course a Cert IV in Celebrancy!

Fun Fact:

I'm bilingual - I also speak Finnish and I love languages 

(have been known to learn one for a ceremony!)

Previous careers:   

Customer Service Officer, Call Centre Team Leader,

Executive Assistant, Marketing and Communications - International Student Recruitment, University Events Manager, Wedding Coordinator and Administrator

When I'm not hitching hearts...

I'm being mum to two energetic and creative young kids,

and enjoying life to the fullest with my family and friends.

Why I became a celebrant...

I watched a TV show! No it wasn't MAFS!! Seriously though, I binged on the UK show "Love, Lies and Records" and thought...oh I'd love to do that, could I?  Then I sat back and thought about it...

- I have a background in performance, I even did Drama through to University and was asked to audition for WAAPA. So I don't mind getting up and speaking in front of a crowd.  Even with nerves, I love it!

- I have good attention to detail, enjoy filling out forms and paperwork and I'm a natural organiser with huge amounts of admin experience, so I'm all over the legals and red tape!

- Writing is one of my greatest passions, I always have a story or poem in my head on the writing a ceremony is wonderful!

- I know how to create and run an event to pull everyone together on the day and be present in the space.

- I love making people feel special, especially through my writing and small personal touches.

Then I thought..."this feels so perfect, why have I never thought of it before?"

Life's a journey, and the sum of your experiences creates the person you are meant to be, without all those previous roles I wouldn't be the fun, natural and authentic celebrant I am!

Steampunk Shosh.jpg

Why I love what I do...


I meet such a variety of people and am privileged to hear their stories of life and love.  I then get to take all those amazing memories and feelings, mix them together to create something special and personal.  A ceremony to represent them and make everyone there love, laugh and feel on one of life's most important occasions.  Being a celebrant, allows me a creative release and it simply gives me so much joy and satisfaction to bring everyone together by playing that role, even in more difficult times x

(oh and I also love being able to dress up if the vibe calls for it!)

Other Passions (but don't ask me to pick any favourites!):


Reading (I'm a bookworm), anything purple, listening to any music seriously from jazz to metal to pop I'm your girl, live performances of any kind, cosplaying, singing, dancing - especially bellydancing, baking, good food and wine, step aerobics (to make up for all that baking, food and wine), playing card and board games, COFFEE, art, walks with friends, runs on my own with pumping tunes, summer rain, winter hot chocolates, autumn leaves, bear hugs and holidays with my gorgeous kiddos.

The all important question...

Dogs or Cats:


I'm an animal lover - I recently adopted a fluorescent beetle named "Ferdinand" - and will go silly over anything cuddly and furry!  But as I describe myself as a "Human Labrador" - I'm enthusiastic about life, people and new things, with boundless energy and a big heart - so I would have to say dogs! 

Note:  despite being  Human Lab, I do not sniff butts...I will however sniff out your good stories and anecdotes to create a ceremony completely and awesomely you x


Everyone needs your bubbly self on their big day!"

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