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You've probably already guessed that there is nothing 'standard' about my wedding ceremonies, each one is unique to you

Let's take a look at just some of my ceremony options....

Wedding ceremonies

The Maxi


Want a ceremony that not only gets you legally hitched but make everyone’s heart pump with excitement, flutter with laughter and melt to the sweet moments of YOUR love story? Then this is it!

​​A ceremony that brings all the feels we'll include your guests (even fur babies) in unique ways that will make them feel part of the moment with you, not just looking on.

Keep traditions, break them or make something new.​'ll have full access to my creativity and resources and I will work closely with you to make sure that your ceremony hits just the right vibe and is an unique expression of the two of you!​

The Midi


Perfect for micro-weddings, but also for couples who are thinking “eek…keep us out of the spotlight!”

More than a just legal transaction but without the full glare of attention this is a short, sweet and sunny ceremony, averaging around 15 minutes.

It's still fun and tailored to you but I'll bring your guests straight into the bright heart of the moment to make them feel special and involved through surprises and small touches.

The Mini


The Mini is what is known as a “legals only” ceremony and takes just a heartbeat in time, perfect for couples who just want to get hitched without the fuss of a wedding!

This is similar in style to a registry wedding and contains minimal personalisation - you can insert music, your own personal vows and ring exchange if you like, and I’ll throw in some cute “I dos.”  It’ll take about 10 minutes.

Unlike a registry wedding, however, we can do this outside standard business hours, any place and even sneak in a cheeky champagne to toast your new marriage! 

BYO yourselves and two witnesses over the age of 18.

For 2-10 guests (excluding kids) available as standard anytime Monday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday mornings, however if requested for Friday or Saturday afternoons, a surcharge applies.

...after all, it's all about Love

Other Stories Of Love and Mistress of Ceremonies

Alongside wedding ceremonies, I am also available to curate other stories of love in your life. This includes, but is not limited to 

  • Vow Renewals

  • Commitment Ceremonies

  • Namings 

  • Family Blendings

  • Graduations

  • New Partnerships

  • New Homes

  • Pet Blessings

  • Memorials

If you can think of a celebration or a commemoration, then I can create a ceremony to match!


Nothing is off limits – I’m happy to create and perform ceremonies that honour any moment that is important in your life and will personalise these to include your stories, laughs and above all love!

Note: I also have experience and have limited availabilities as a Mistress of Ceremonies (MC) for weddings and events.

Civil Ceremonies
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