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What's in a Ceremony?

Wedding Ceremonies Done a Little Differently

Let's start with what my marriage ceremonies are not...heavy handed, boring and overly traditional!

Don't get me wrong I don't mind a good tradition but only the ones that mean something to you. I'm all about including traditions that have a place in your heart or story, and ditching things that are generic or hold no relevance to you, so that your ceremony is an authentic reflection of you both. 


I also love the ability to think outside the box to help you create a new tradition just for your special day and future together.

You also won't find me filling dead space with talk of the importance of marriage and the same old tired readings about love, or including people just because you "have to."

So What Do My Wedding Ceremonies Have In Them?

All the quirks that make the two of you, uniquely you! In the lead up to your day, I'll take the time to get to know you (one of my favourite parts of the job!) and make sure I capture the essence of your hearts in the ceremony.

You'll be standing there remembering the moments that brought you to that day, with love, giggles, and excitement for the future you are building together....and not yawning and asking "are we there yet?"  

I love finding an angle on your story to take you on a ride that gives you the whole range of feels, and if I can, throw in a twist or a surprise that etches in your memory and keeps your guests engaged. 


They may not be 100% historically accurate (let's go with around 95!) and they'll be served with a hint of cheekiness but we'll have everyone invested, awww'ing and chuckling...not twiddling their thumbs!

Above all I like to make your guests feel special and include them all in that moment with you by appreciating how important they are to your journey.  I have fresh ideas of how to acknowledge your inner crew and unique ways that have all your guests participating.  If there are fur babies or human ones, then bring them on too - my motto is always work with children and animals! Inclusivity is what I am all about - the most time you'll hear me say the word I is on this website...and not in your ceremony! 

On the day, with my extensive experience in event management, I'll work smoothly with all your suppliers from your photographer to your florist, caterer and beauty crew, to make sure that you get hitched...without a hitch! 


My services are also exclusive to you on the day...I won't be rushing your down the aisle to get to my next gig!  If you book me you get me from at least 45 minutes before your ceremony to make sure everything is set-up before guests arrive and I'll stay afterwards until your guests are happily enjoying refreshments, then I'll sneak out.

Beyond all this I'll make sure all the legals are seamlessy taken care of so that side is easy and hassle free!


"The most perfect celebrant we could have asked for!

Shoshanna was a dream come true from day one! She was deeply attentive, genuine and professional, and someone who we now consider a dear friend.

Thanks Shosh - we adore you xox"

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