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To kid or not to kid?

Yep this little tyke got a wee bit over-excited and crashed straight after the ceremony, it was a wild ride! Your ceremony is time for laughter and love, and nothing brings more bubbles of joy and heartfelt laughs than having a little one or two among your crew! A few tips to help the experience... 🚼 if they are walking down the aisle have a couple of familiar faces in crucial spots to have them focus on and guide getting them to the right place...also helps with nerves! 🚼 help them feel secure by giving them the option of pairing up with someone if they get last minute nerves - have specially reserved seats marked for them with their favourite teddy or comforter waiting - give them a special job like handing out flower cones or bubbles during signing 🚼for the fidget bums it’s always good to have them on the side so they can wriggle freestyle and maybe get them to dance everyone back down the aisle! There’s always away to include special little people in your day! Just remember the unexpected will most likely happen, and that’s OK, it’s what brings the laughs and it won’t detract from from the occasion, instead cement the ceremony further in everyone’s hearts xx Cute capture thanks to Mick Tait

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