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Real Love Story Ride: Ebony and Hein

"Now, we often hear love stories where two sets of eyes connect across a crowded room, and two souls immediately collide into a joint future of eternal happiness.

This is...not one of those stories.

In fact when Ebony first met Hein, she in her own words, “bro-zoned him.”

It was 2011 and Ebony was working as a waitress at a cocktail bar, well at the Brass Monkey, that much is true, where Hein was gigging for the summer.

Hein remembers clocking her big brown eyes and gorgeous curly hair, and Ebony remembers dismissing him at first glance. Whilst she thought Hein was oh so tall and attractive, talented pretty boy artists were a dime a dozen in that place, and there was no way she was going to play games in that league.

So for the longest time these two were simply acquaintances, nodding in passing and exchanging small talk out the back on smoke breaks. They did however know each other’s names and Hein’s throwaway line that he was “Hein like Dane,” Ebony still remembers to this day.

The turning point came one night when mutual friends hosted a party and they found themselves in deep conversation, and started to become friends.

Now if the truth be told, Ebony perhaps did the majority of the talking, freaking poor Hein out with ghost tales of the haunted corners of the house they were in.

That night Hein decided he’d better stick close to Ebony for (his own) safety, and Ebony decided that there might actually be something more going on behind his sparkling eyes than what she originally thought..."


After a love story that spanned a decade to move from bro-zone to Mr and Mrs, the gorgeous Ebony and Hein were married on a wet Sunday afternoon, surrounded by a crowd of loved ones, both in person, and online.

When they came to me, it was clear from our very first chat that they needed a ceremony which was warm, significant, and inclusive yet as lighthearted and fun as their hearts.

The afternoon was a true roller coaster of emotions with highlights such as an Acknowledgement of Country, a hand fasting to include their closest family and a nod to Ebony's Venezuelan heritage and their beautiful personal vows.

But the laughs came a plenty in their lighthearted love story which was then rounded off with a flash mob of "You're Welcome" from Disney's Moana - a surprise for both the guests who I asked to sing it, and the couple alike. The guests and wedding crew also giggled as they were put on the spot to smooch up a storm when they were asked to "Share the Love."

The laughter and love filling the marquee was more than enough to bring sunshine to that cloudy day, and amazing to see in these gorgeous photos from the talents at Full Hearts.

The warmth of the ceremony, was reflected so beautifully within the marquee by the artistic styling of fleurescent.

One of my favourite ceremonies to date, it was an absolute delight to get to know Ebony and Hein, their family and friends, and I had a lot fun crafting this moment for them xx


Package: The Works

Venue: Private Property, Milton


- Acknowledgement of Country

- Wishing Tree

- Hand Fasting

Guest Inclusions:

- Share the Love

- Flash Mob

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