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Rain? On your Wedding Day?

I’m not throwing cliches at you about how it’s a lucky omen, or even crooning Alanis... although I will sing that if you want!

The truth is rain causes a lot of stress in event planning. It can happen in any season from hot summer storms to chilly seasonal squalls although this year especially we need to be prepared because with a La Niña weather pattern, it's a wet wedding season!

The first thing to do is just breathe - this one thing that is totally out of your control! What you can control is how you handle it.

Besides completely freaking out (which I don’t recommend) there are two options...

1) Just rock n roll with it...especially if it’s only a sprinkle...have a few spare towels on standby, make sure those using electronic equipment are protected (like your musos) and celebrate what comes! At it’s very worst you could get some epic shots & a really cool trash the dress party 🙌 you could even rock puddle jumps!

2) But if that’s not your vibe, be like the Scouts & Be Prepared!

A few ideas...

💦 Have a back up plan from the start

💦 Have a supply of towels on hand

💦 Hire some clear umbrellas, at least enough for your posse during photos

💦 Communicate your with your posse & suppliers

My biggest tip for all weddings is...hire an on the day coordinator! They are worth their weight in gold & even more so in the rain!

From set-up & styling to liaising with all your suppliers & taking care of the little things to make your day run smooth, a coordinator makes it a totally stress free experience for you & stops your loved ones having to jump in if weather hits. They’ll do it all for you from resetting to wiping seats & even drying off an outdoor dance floor on their hands and knees!

Full disclosure, I have worked as a coordinator with the The Wedding and Event Creators so I know how:

a) vital one is...there were shifts I was drenched 4 times yet my couple & their posse never felt a drip!

b) awesome these guys are at going above & beyond to make your day right, so check them out!

As your celebrant, I’ll roll with your decision & be thankful that curls love rain! So don’t “blame it on the rain” take a deep breath & with a bit of planning, your day will be full of smiles & sunshine, whatever the weather x

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