Meet Shoshanna...

Marriage Celebrant and Curator of Love Stories

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Welcome and HUGE congratulations on your engagement!

Whatever stage of your planning, whether you've just popped the cork after the proposal or if you've already started bringing together the key elements of your dream wedding, then I'm here to help!

If you've been looking for a happy but heartfelt Marriage Celebrant for your wedding anywhere in the Illawarra or Shoalhaven, up and down the South Coast or in the Southern Highlands NSW, then...

Hi, you've found me!

I'd love to to help make your wedding the fun, exciting

and special day it should be!

In real life and in your ceremony, there are no cookie cutters with me! So every ceremony I create is completely unique to suit the personalities and the needs of each couple. This means I offer a different range of packages and tailor every ceremony to what suits the two of you. 

Just want a quickie ceremony to get you hitched, whenever and wherever you want it to be (and not in a stuffy registry!)?

I can do that for you!

Prefer a short, sweet and sunny ceremony with a few more personal touches but without the spotlight fully on you?

 I'm happy to help you with that!

Love a ceremony that not only gets you legally hitched but make everyone’s heart pump with excitement, flutter with laughter and melt to the sweet moments of YOUR love story?

I'd love to create that with you!

At the end of the day your wedding is a reflection of you and your style, not anyone else, and as your celebrant I'll happily make sure that happens in your ceremony.

Plus whether your special day is five people or 300, in your backyard or a fully catered wedding venue...I will treat it as if it were the biggest and most important event of my career because to me each ceremony is!

Remember without a celebrant, your wedding is just another party, but with the right  celebrant it's a party from the start!

Why Curator of Love Stories?

Curators are known for having a passion to create, being organised, understanding and embracing others, being bold and fearless in their search for stories and magically mixing the perfect blend of ideas to create unique experiences.

So you can think of me as your...

admin crushing

inspired content mixing

love story sniffing

people loving

and passionate ceremony creating celebrant!

I adore learning about people and hearing their stories in gritty detail and I would love to curate your ceremony so that your day is nothing short of magical! 

If my vibe sounds just right to you, please reach out and contact me on the link below and we can start your dance down the aisle!

Other Stories of Love

As a civil celebrant, alongside wedding ceremonies I am also delighted to curate other stories of love in your life.  So if you are looking to celebrate or commemorate a special occasion full of personal touches and lots of love, then please make sure to check out my ceremonies and reach out!

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Come and See me in person at

The Pavilion Kiama

10am - 3pm

Start planning your day with Kiama I do!


The Couplet

The Couplet

Cute and Casual*

What is known as a

"legals only" ceremony.

*if that's what you'd like it to be!

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Cute and Casual*!

*if you want it to be!

Image : Mick Tait

The Sonnet

Short, Sweet and Sunny

Perfect for elopements,

intimate weddings and

for couples who want

a more personal ceremony

but without the full spotlight

Read more 

Image : David Campbell Imagery

The Ballad

Bright, beautiful and bespoke

Think of this as the year's

chart topping story,

the prize winner of ceremonies! 

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Image : Mick Tat
Image: David Campbell Imagery
The Anthology.jpg

The Anthology

Other stories of Love

Alongside wedding ceremonies,

I am also delighted to curate  other stories of love in your life.

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Image: David Campbell Imagery
Image : David Campbell Imagery

Sweet Somethings

"Shoshanna did our ceremony and it was a magical day for all. She is amazing at the organisation side of things and very professional but she also truly cares about making your special day perfect. Thank you for making our day magic!!"

—  Nat and Kay, July 2019